Philly Veg Out

It might seem odd to take a short trip out of town the same week we’re due for international travel, but we seriously needed to wind down. My husband just finished a grueling semester where he had a full time schedule of classes and was working full time at an internship. After finishing up on Friday and then running the half marathon on Saturday, he was ready for some serious R&R. I obliged and booked us a couple of seats on the MegaBus to Philadelphia. We have been to Philly several times; we are big fans cause it’s so cheap and quick to get to from NYC ($58 round trip for both of us for a 2 hour bus ride) and also it’s a great city with a ton of history. Because we have visited several times before, it’s also a great place to go when we don’t want to feel guilty about holing up in the hotel room and not really exploring much. Which is exactly what we did. The weather even indulged our sloth; it rained almost the entire time we were there.

We stayed at the Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia and really couldn’t have picked a better hotel to chill out in for a couple days. We booked a spa room and our sore running muscles could not have been more thrilled to see this gorgeous jetted tub when we walked in the room. We took the longest, most luxurious Epsom salt bath ever. I swear, you could swim in this thing!


Not only were the rooms at the Palomar comfortable and beautifully appointed, the hotel is also pretty ideally situated in Center City Philadelphia. You can walk to so many great things—including a lot of great food, which is always at the top of our list. My husband found such a lovely spot for our Sunday night dinner and it only took us about 7 minutes away from our hotel. The restaurant is Aldine and you MUST go there if you are ever in Philly. They do an amazing 3-course pre-fixe on Sundays for only $35. The dishes were inventive but not overcomplicated; each ingredient on the plate could shine on it’s own but instead played an integral part to every perfectly composed bite. All the flavors were clean and balanced and we enjoyed them in the rustic yet modern setting. The space was seriously adorable and I was happy to snap a shot of it before the dinner rush.

I didn’t ask but I have a feeling the restaurant is named after a dog ❤
Basically a fancy french onion dip. AMAZING
Potato gnocchi with peas and watercress
Arctic char w/manila clams and crispy potatoes 

I think my favorite thing about hotels–besides not having to make the bed–are the blackout curtains. We are early to bed, early to rise people, but lately, schoolwork and writing and NBA playoffs have pushed our sack-time way later. Even with the opportunity to sleep in, it is almost impossible to do in our apartment with the sun shining through at 530 every morning. We took full advantage of total darkness during our stay and were able to sleep in until 715! It was so nice to be able to just lay in bed and not have anywhere we needed to be—no training runs, no class to rush off too—just us, awesome sheets, and The Golden Girls.

After our awesome bath and amazing night’s sleep we thought a nice sweaty yoga class might feel really amazing. As luck would have it, a Bikram studio was right around the corner from our hotel. They even had a special called “The Breakfast Club”–drop-in 9am classes during the week were only $9. We stopped to grab a big tan umbrella from the front desk and sloshed down the street for what would be our one and only outing of the day. The class was exactly what we needed. Our instructor was energetic and welcoming and the heat and the stretching worked wonders on our overtired bodies. We left feeling loose, rejuvenated, and ready to veg out all day in our king size bed.


I guess you can’t take the word “veg” too literally. While we did lay on our asses the rest of the day, there were no veggies consumed besides the green juice I slammed on the way into yoga. Did I mention our favorite donut place is just a few doors down from the Bikram studio? We felt we had no choice but to stop into Federal Donuts and stock up on a few glazed beauties. Pro tip: The BEST donut there is the honey donut, but it only comes as a side if you order their fried chicken. That’s right, you can’t order it alone—and you can’t order an extra with your fried chicken—believe me, I have tried! We weren’t in the mood for chicken (my hubs had his heart set on a Philly Cheesesteak, which we had delivered), so there would be no honey donut for us on this trip, but trust, our haul did not disappoint.



We spent the rest of the day catching up with each other, napping, and eating. We even rented a movie on pay per view—The Mighty Ducks (how obsessed are you guys with our programming choices?) The next morning we woke at a leisurely hour to catch the bus back to the city.

We enjoyed Philly so much and I definitely recommend it as a long weekend spot. Although I didn’t mention them here, we actually have checked out some really great historical places on our other trips so feel free to ask for recs. And as always, I have a long list of great eats that can’t be missed.

We are off to Portugal now. I feel so grateful that we get to travel. It really is a favorite thing. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll check in soon from our first stop, Porto!


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