Weekly Wrap Up #1: The “This is Easy” Edition

WED | 3M | 3.1 (10:01/MI)
FRI | 3M | 3.2 (9:33/MI) HILL INT
SUN | 6M | 6.2 (10.03/MI)

Woohoo for Week 1 of marathon training in the books! Last week my head got a little crazy and I got busy comparing myself to other people, it was a pretty thankless task. I wondered if the beginning of my training plan was too lax, especially since in many instances, I was running less than a normal week’s mileage. By the end of this 7 days I collected my sanity and realized that first, I was probably running a little more than I needed to during my off time, and second, week 1’s plan was exactly where I needed to be. With the holiday weekend, travel, and cramps in my calf, rest and easy 3 mile runs were just what the doctor ordered. I’ve also found it extremely helpful to be following all of you Chicago Marathoners out there who are a few weeks ahead of me. As you guys start to see tougher runs, I’m inspired, but I’m also reminded to stay present and focused on only what’s directly in front of me. Staying in the day is something I have always struggled with but I think training might really help; I can’t run tomorrow’s miles today. (Well, I guess technically I can, but you guys know what I mean!)


  • I do a lot of my short runs inside on the treadmill because I strength train before, but this week I got outside for 3 out of my 4 runs–it was such a welcome change. I’m gonna switch things up as often as I can to keep my mind fresh and my legs adapting to different terrain. Also, getting out of my dark gym and getting in some push-ups, planks, lunges, and squats with this view–it’s not the worst.IMG_5603
  •  I think I am the only runner who loves the summertime! I’m not sure if it’s cause I’ve been doing Bikram for 9 years and am so accustomed to the heat and humidity, or if my July birthday put the tropics in my veins. I really can’t get enough of the warm weather. It makes me feel pretty lucky cause I read at least 5 blog posts a day from people really struggling with the heat.
  • That being said–I am the most efficient but profuse sweater that I know, and I’m having to work really hard to fuel correctly and get my hydration and electrolytes in balance. I drink two glasses of ACV and lemon water every morning (it’s my cup of joe!) and I’ve been adding sea salt to it as well. I’ve also been throwing 1/2 a teaspoon or so in my plant based protein shake. Almost any run over 5 miles (now 3 miles in the the heat) I’m ending with salt caked all over my body–I’m telling you, the perspiration is real (and also not the sexiest, I finally realized why I get so many stares when I grab something from the store after a run!).
  • I’m remembering how much I love 6-8 mile runs. 10ks are such a great distance, aren’t they? They are just long enough that you have to pace yourself, but also short enough that you can really push and leave it all out on the table if you want to. I think when I finish this marathon I’m gonna focus on major strength training and improving my shorter distance times. –Whoops! So much for staying in the day–let’s table that, shall we?
  • This week has made me really happy. It was easy and fun. I know not every week is going to be like this so I’ve just enjoyed it. On easy breezy mile 4 of my 6 mile run on Sunday I had the thought: this run is helping me get to my first marathonThe easy ones, the hard ones–they all have their role–each mile is putting me that much closer to my dream. Pretty cool.

How’s it going out there? I can’t wait to catch up on how everyone else is doing–anyone else starting week 2 this week with me? How about you Chicago people–how you feelin’? Any first time 5k or 10k runners out there? As always, please share, love hearing from all of you! x


28 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up #1: The “This is Easy” Edition

  1. Great job on getting week one under your belt Cat. I live in Scotland, so the heat isn’t something we really have to worry about. It was 11C when I ran at 5am this morning – almost needed a jacket! We’re in London next week and it’s going to be a lot warmer there. Training down there will be interesting….

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    1. Oh my gosh Ali, I’m so anxious to get to Scotland! My hubs and I have been going to Europe every year for the past 3 years and hope to continue that tradition–so we will get there sometime soon. I will be in touch for tips when we plan that trip!
      Yes, week 1 in the books! I’m really getting better at taking a day at a time, I really think the training helps with this.
      So fun you will be in London next week–your daughter is there, right? Can’t wait to read all about it–def take pics of where you are staying, I remember you telling me you’ve stayed in a lot of great and different neighborhoods. I’d like to get out of the tourist areas when we go back again.
      Enjoy your trip and happy training–maybe the warmth will feel good on any achy muscles 😉.

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      1. Yeah, Rebecca works as a designer in London, so we’ll be spending some time hanging out in Balham with her. I’m taking my point & shoot with me, so I’ll make sure to share some images when we get back 😊


  2. I actually do prefer summer running over winter running, but the heat is still something I’m not super comfortable running in. Luckily, I live in a city where we don’t experience the extremes too often. Great job on week 2! 🙂

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  3. I did not get my dad’s West African genetics because I cannot stand the heat. However, I like visiting nice rooftop bars in the summer 😉 You do raise an interesting point . . . perhaps, I should do some type of heat-based yoga to raise my tolerance to the heat.

    Welcome into the marathon training mode.

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  4. Great post! 6 miles is my favorite distance for sure. Week 1 is such an exciting time for training. Fresh legs and lots of enthusiasm. I can get pretty sweaty on a run, so we’ll have to have a sweat competition to see who takes the title. The pics should be fun to look at :/

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  5. Yay for a great week!! And yes, you can’t get swayed by others and their training!! I’m sure you’ll do just fine and fly through that finish line!!

    I am doing a totally different plan than the BF and it kind of puts us at odds on our LR, I want to stick to my plan (because it’s less than his) and he wants to stick to his!! He has been running for almost 40 years and can run for days…me, I believe less is more!! I’m also not a ‘serious’ runner, more of the ‘social’ kind. Don’t get me wrong, I want to do well but I also know with my autoimmune issues I will probably have more bad days than good. I can’t believe I have my second double digit run this weekend!!

    And the heat and humidity is crazy down here!! I normally only run 3-5 miles per run in the summer, so this training for a fall marathon is new to me!! Make sure you pay attention to hydrating, it’s key for all this running we’re doing!! I’m sure you have a handle on it and find what works best for you!

    Have a great week,


  6. Congrats on a great first week! I briefly did Bikram years ago (I loved it and keep telling myself I need to get back into it!) and I found that it *really* helped with my running strength and heat-tolerance 🙂 I, too, love a good sweat sesh. One of the things that drew me back to marathon training after a break was the memory of long runs in the Midwestern soup that is July/August where you’re so slick that you could just slip n’ slide home! I love your realization about how each run is building up to something greater – for me, the marathon is an emotional process (and race!). Allow yourself to feel those things and enjoy the journey!

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    1. Thanks Hillary! The marathon is definitely an emotional process for me as well–it has taken me a LONG time to get here, so when I am in the middle of a run now and i remember why I am running, I pretty much lose it every time. It’s big! I am doing just what you’ve said though and have just let myself feel it. Thanks for the support! x


  7. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    Re: heat – you *are* a rarity, missy! But if you got it, flaunt it! I wish I had more heat tolerance. I mean, I can run in it, but it ain’t pretty. How you feel about summer running is how I feel about winter, though. Cold breeze nipping my cheeks, sweating under my layers, the snow crunching under my feet – that is my running happy place! When everyone here is complaining about 30 degree days, I can’t wait to get out for a run!

    Don’t compare yourself to others! I know many people who have run great, fast marathons averaging only about 35-40 mpw. For my first, my highest mileage week was 42. Heck, I’m 5 weeks in to my plan and the highest mileage I’ve hit so far is only 30. You don’t have to run a crap ton of miles to do well in the marathon, especially if your only goal is to finish. Some of the best advice I ever got about training was to focus not on mileage, but about the elements of training that will yield the best returns, based on your circumstances and the time you have available. Aka – long runs, race-specific workouts, quality over quantity.

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    1. Ha, Hanna it’s funny how we are all so different right? I am not a fan of winter running–I do it, but I HATE being cold! Actually, I guess the one good thing about running in the winter is that I probably run longer because I can’t stand stopping and and getting cold!

      Thanks so much for the advice as well–you are right, I just need to focus on my plan. When I was running this morning I wasn’t happy with my pace and then I remembered–stop it, you’re getting in the miles and you feel strong–today is a good day! I really appreciate what you’re saying about focusing on the elements of training that will yield the best returns. For me, I think it is really all about my overall fitness. Yes, I need to get in all or close to the planned mileage–but that and other things I’m doing (strength training, interval workouts, yoga) are all working to increase my fitness to a level where I can get through 26.2. I really like looking at it that way, kind of more “whole body” focused rather than just running, running, running.


      1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

        The whole body approach is great, not just for your marathon but for your overall fitness as a person! I’ve run 3 marathons, and the elements of training that have helped me the most are the workouts that emphasize endurance and fatigue resistance – long runs, or progression runs where I have to push for a fast finish. Those are the workouts that really mimic what it’s like to run a marathon, and those were the ones I looked back on during the late miles of the race when I needed to draw strength from somewhere. The most important skill for 26.2, in my opinion, is training yourself to summon the strength to push through when you’re exhausted and all you want to do is quit. If you can do that, you can get through 26.2, whether you run 40 miles per week or 100. Hitting paces and mileage is important, but those things alone won’t get you there. You’ve gotta develop the grit. I credit my mental strength and stamina much more than my speed for my marathon success.

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      2. Wow, keep em coming Hanna, you’re like my marathon Dalai Lama so far 😇.
        I will work on those progression runs like you talked about.
        What you wrote at the end about grit gave me goosebumps cause I like to think that grit is so much a part of who I am–it’s why I love where I live so much, it’s why I keep trying to do a lot of things that other people give up on. One of my favorite movie lines ever is from A League of Their Own, when Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) says to Geena Davis (after she is considering quitting because it’s too hard) “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it…it’s the hard, that makes it great.”
        People who know me and know I have grit have told me that the marathon is different–that I will have to reach into a place that I don’t even know right now that I have. It sounds like you are saying something similar. I appreciate your perspective so much. I’m already enjoying all the growth–it’s happening every day. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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      3. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

        Yeah girl! Those people are right. Basically: just expect that the marathon is going to be really really hard, and prepare accordingly, lol. I keep joking about how I’m excited about all the spectators in Chicago but at mile 20 I’m gonna be wishing I could trade places with them!

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    1. Thanks Paula! Yeah, I always say it as a “maybe” but I know that it is the Bikram, it’s completely changed how my body handles heat and humidity. I know a lot of people hate to sweat–I sweat buckets, but it really is the most efficient cooling system! When I walk out of a 105 degree class into 90 degree weather it feels downright cool 😂.

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  8. For the Love of Family

    First time reader. I have been thinking all year about training for my first full marathon this fall, but I have yet to take the plunge. I’m excited for you and I will be following along to read about your race. Have fun training!

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    1. Hi Tracey, so happy to have you!! I have to tell you, it took me a longggg time to get here–I’ve wanted to run a marathon since I was like 17 I think, and I just doubled that age about 10 days ago 😉. I’m hoping my journey and others can be a bit of inspiration for you, and maybe you’ll decide if it’s something you really want for yourself. Thanks for following along–and always feel free to chime in!

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