Grateful for the Grind

I’m back to work this week after a 2 1/2 month hiatus. I work as a production accountant in TV and film and I’ve returned for a 3rd season of our show. I know to most people 2 1/2 months sounds like an insane amount of time, but it actually goes by super fast. When you work freelance, there is no paid time off which means no vacation or personal days. After working for 11 months straight on last season, I was very much ready for a break.

My time off was incredible. I traveled, I cooked, I binge-watched, I went to yoga classes at 10am, and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. I felt like I got my creative mojo back. I’ve been having so much fun writing and reading and connecting with other bloggers, I’m constantly inspired. I think when you decide to really give something your all and you put sincere effort into it, it is quite a thrill to see it grow-however slow that growth might be.

This chunk of time off was restful but also invigorating; I felt like I caught a glimpse of what I really want my life to look like. My goals are not set in stone (they never are) but they are becoming more visible to me, and the path to get to them seems clearer and not so scary.

Last week as I was counting down my final days of freedom, that inevitable sense of dread started to creep in– like a Monday back to work times ten. This time though, instead of letting myself get caught up in the doom and gloom, I decided to focus on all the things that are so great about going back to work. Here’s what I came up with:

  • MONEY $$ I save for my time off so I can relax. I also don’t have too much trouble further pairing down my already minimalist lifestyle for a few months. Still, getting a paycheck again is the best–more money means more possibility! I’m excited to start saving again and I’m already daydreaming daily about our next travel destination.
  • STRUCTURE. Even during time off I tend to create some type of routine–it’s just how I’m built. What’s great about not working is being able to go with the flow more and having the flexibility to say yes to last minute opportunities and changes. As I get back to work and add in more structure, I want to try to remember some of that adaptability. That being said, starting work and marathon training together has got my Type A blood pumpin’–there’s schedules on the fridge and reminders set on my phone–efficiency is on the rise! One thing that’s going to take some adjusting? My writing schedule. Since I’m up at 5 or 530 each morning for workouts I try really hard to get to bed by 10 or 1030, which means after getting home at 715/730 and cooking dinner, I’ve got about 2 hours to get work done before bedtime. It’s tough cause all I really want to do in that 2 hours is lie in bed or on the sofa with my hubs and talk about our days. Luckily he really understands how I need to be supported (it changes often, and somehow he is able to keep up with it). As much as he wants to just snuggle up and chill as well, he instead kisses me on my forehead and scoots my butt off to the other room with my laptop. I know there are days I will blow writing off–I have to for my sanity. But I’m also feeling ready for this new challenge; one thing I am able to consistently admire about myself is my ability to be disciplined. I’ve mastered it with food and exercise, now it’s time to apply it elsewhere.
  • DATE NIGHT!! We tend to go out way more in the summertime–who doesn’t? It stays light out so late and it’s warm and beautiful and the streets are filled with happy people enjoying themselves–it is my absolute favorite time of year. What I love about getting back to work during the summer is that on most Friday nights, my husband will come and meet me for dinner somewhere. I work in Greenpoint in Brooklyn which when combined with it’s neighbor, Williamsburg, holds hundreds of amazing restaurants–from innovative coursed out cuisine to hidden gem holes in the wall. Friday afternoons you can usually find me at my desk half doing work and half plotting out our next culinary adventure. I’m dying to go back to this Taiwanese place, it might be next up on the list! What makes date night in the summer even more my fav? We often end up by the water and are able to catch the ferry home. I’m not sure there’s a more relaxing or romantic way to end an evening out in our city.IMG_0177


  • PEOPLE ❤ . One thing I do love about having time off is that I start to feel really immersed in my community. I linger at stores, I chat with the pharmacist, I chuckle with a dog walker for a block or two. Time is such a precious gift; when I have it, it allows for a much greater appreciation of my surroundings. I’d go so far as to say that I’m madly in love with where I live–I’m crazy about my neighborhood and the people that make it such a wonderful place to call home. With all that, getting back to work is also great for me socially. While quite a few might describe me as a loudmouth, I actually consider myself to be quite introverted. I’m comfortable around people but I’m not the most consistent about seeking them out. Especially as a writer, if I am working from home all day, often my only interactions outside of my husband are texts with my mom and sister. Heading to the office is actually nourishing for my soul. I work with a lot of great people and there’s a ton of chatting, laughter, and even meaningful conversations that happen between all the rush checks and paper pushing. We even have a couple new folks on staff this season and I already have a feeling about one of them–something tells me I may have a found another kindred spirit–we shall see, please stay tuned <3.

9 thoughts on “Grateful for the Grind

    1. Definitely Ayesha, I know what you mean. I’m enjoying pre-production right now–the hours are not as late and things are more easy going. We will start ramping up here in a few weeks but enjoying the calm for now–getting in dinners with friends and such.


  1. I hear you! I’m a teacher and I looooooove my holidays but feel a little bit relieved to get back to the routines of work. And I love the idea of date night – might have to start doing that (although it’s Winter over here which makes it a little less appealing to be heading out into the evening!!!)

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  2. I can totally relate! I went back to work this week after being off for about 2 months as well and I did a lot of the same. I cooked, did my workouts, spend time with family, friends and met up with colleagues for lunch or coffee. We also traveled! I to can’t wait for the next travel adventure. Thanks for sharing, so refreshing to read this! And yes, the time just flew by!

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  3. Hey Cat! I love the idea of date night in NYC. We live in a little village, where we’re lucky to have a lovely hotel with a great bar & restaurant. We’re often there on a Friday night, although our journey home is a walk rather than a ferry. Reading your posts take me back to our time in NYC last year, there will always be a little piece of my heart there


    1. That’s such a great idea Sara! I keep cooking pretty simple–dinner is always just meat and one veg, so luckily it usually doesn’t take too much time. Always amazes me though how fast the day goes–feels like there is very little “me” time or time with my hubs ever possible.
      I guess part of that is just getting older-can’t get time to slow down!
      Thanks for reading and for your thoughts-they are always welcome! x

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