Catching Up

Hey All!

I’ve been MIA for a bit. Here’s what’s been going on in my little corner of the world (in words and lots of pics!):

Michigan Men’s basketball made it to the Final Four! Most of you know I’m a New Yorker but I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I am a big Wolverine fan. My hubs has become pretty die-hard as well since we’ve been together. All year long he has said, “If Michigan goes to the Final Four, we are going!” I kind of just rolled my eyes for months. Then, near the end of the season, I realized that it wasn’t so far fetched. When it actually happened we were elated. Then almost immediately we were devastated when we saw the already ridiculous prices for airfare, hotels, and tickets double and triple. For about a day and a half we decided that we couldn’t manage it–it was just too expensive. Then, after that second day, when we both realized that it was something we both really wanted, we pulled out our “you only live once” cards and planned the trip.

Even though our team got walloped in the final game, we are happy to report that we have absolutely NO regrets about our decision. We had a blast. It’s funny cause when we were planning it, we kind of had the attitude like, this may be the only time we ever do this in our lifetime. Then when we were there we were like, this is so freaking cool, we are definitely doing this again! It was so much fun. Such a spectacle. What made it even cooler was that my sister was in Columbus, Ohio at the Women’s Final Four. She actually played ball at Notre Dame years ago, and her best friend whom she played with is one of the assistants on the team now. If you’ve been paying attention at all then you know that Notre Dame not only beat UCONN on an incredible last second shot in the semi-final, they then went on to do the exact same thing to win it all a day later. Going nuts on facetime with my sister during the games was just more fun and more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. Between those chats I was on the phone with my dad and texting with my mom and my brothers. It was an incredible weekend of the sport we love so much, shared with some of the people we love most in the world. We are so grateful we got to go.

The tournament was in San Antonio. Since Austin had been on our list of places we wanted to visit for a while and it was only 80 miles away, we decided to stay there so we could spend the off days exploring. It was definitely the right decision. We found a great hotel downtown literally a block away from a running trail right off the Colorado River. There was even a Bikram studio just a little over a mile away. It was perfect! It was especially restorative to be in warm weather for a few days–we both really needed it. We ate some great Tex-Mex, scoured for BBQ, chatted with a lot of really friendly locals, and just took in the whole Austin vibe. We even got an extra day of sightseeing in because the flight back the day before was $1200 more! We spent part of that extra day at the LBJ Presidential Library. I definitely recommend going if you’re there–definitely worth some time.

We met this woman Karen on the plane from Atlanta to Houston. She ended up canceling her rental car and driving with us to San Antonio!
We were like little kids squealing in the car when we finally got there!





After we won the first game. We looked a little different after the final game ;(.
Austin is the cutest! (and I mean, this guy…;) )


Finding DONUTS wherever we go…always
Waiting for the most delicious queso I’ve ever had. I need to get back on my food photog game–it was pretty weak this trip!
Obsessed with this building, inside and out. Love the mid-cent mod feel
Signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act
I made LBJ laugh.

Texas was a five day affair. When we flew back to New York, we did laundry immediately and repacked to fly home to Ann Arbor just a day later. We had planned this trip a while ago–actually all the way back when I ran the marathon. There was a 5k my friends and I decided we would all run together. The timing actually worked out great for spending time with my family as well. My mom’s birthday is at the end of March and my Dad’s is mid April, so we got to take them each out to celebrate. I also got to see my brother and his wife and snuggle my little nieces which is always my favorite. My mom even brought my four year old niece to the finish line of the race so she got to see us and I got to put my medal around her neck. So much fun.

Despite being freezing (21 degrees at the start!) we all had a blast. Two of my friends even had their 7 year old son run with them–his first time. He was such a champ, I was so proud of him. At the very end of the race he was really tired and I asked him if he was proud of himself and if he would ever run a race again. He looked at me a bit annoyed and shook his head “NO.” About 2 hours later, after warming up and getting some french toast and bacon in him, I asked him again. He giggled with me, smiled, shook his “YES”, and assured me, “Yes, I am proud, and I’ll do it again.” Running is magic <3.

I definitely wasn’t going for any sort of time in this 5k, it was just for fun. Our first mile ended up being really slow–almost three minutes more than our last mile. It was pretty congested at the beginning of the race and also very cold so we were very slowly trying to get warmed up. We ended up doing the second mile in 9 minutes and the third in 8:34, which wasn’t so bad considering we’d been traveling and off our normal fitness/healthy eating regimen for quite a few days. I’d say with the race, brunch, and lying around my girlfriend’s after, it’s the best Sunday I’ve had in a while!

Bib 6172, my girlfriend’s amazing mama who’s now run close to 60 marathons! She just ran Barcelona for the first time about a month ago.
Two of my best girls ❤


She started wearing these glasses to look like her mama and now she won’t take them off. I love it.

Being back in the real world this week has been a little clunky. We flew back to New York Monday morning and I went straight into work. We haven’t been able to get to the grocery store so we’ve been eating out for like 10 days straight. I’ve gotten some alright workouts in this week but still feeling a little tight and sluggish. I am sure getting back to normal eating and the whole routine will have us feeling better in no time.

Yesterday morning I went to yoga and the heat wasn’t working so the room was cold (not okay for Bikram!). There’d be a lot of days where this would get me annoyed and have me feeling like the day was shit right off the bat. Instead though I decided to take advantage of the fact that we are in wrap at my job and allowed to come into the office a little bit later. I scooted on home, threw on my running kit (I love saying this, stealing it from my UK buds) and headed out for a run in the first NOT freezing day we’ve had in months. I ran three miles in the park and then did about a half hour of lunges, squats, push-ups, etc on the soccer field. It felt pretty fantastic. I also hadn’t realized how much I had missed this view:

Foggy but beautiful morning. This park makes my heart happy ❤

The great morning I had really spun off of our whole experience going to the Final Four in Texas. We are normally big planners so plopping down a bunch of money and leaving for somewhere within only few days is SO not our style. But there was something really liberating about it. We sort of let go and just let the Universe guide us–we loosened our grip on the reins and went along for the ride. It’s crazy, when you stop trying to steer, you get to look up and take in all the wonder around you. That’s what we did in Texas. It was the kind of awesome that makes you conscious of your beating heart. Where you go, wow, life can be realllly good. I want more moments and days like that. A lot more. I’m gonna try to start to loosen my grip more often and not get so attached to specific outcomes. If something doesn’t work out, I want to start to think, hmm, I wonder what is going to happen instead. The past days have reiterated what I already knew but had to be reminded of: the adventures the Universe will create in my life are vastly superior to my own plans. 

I’m off to enjoy the real first days of Spring–some yoga, a trip to Whole Foods, a long run, maybe a good steak…glorious. Enjoy the weekend loves. Glad to be back. x


header image: glen carrie

47 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Glad to see ya back! I was on hiatus for a while too, but happy to be back! What a fun race! I can’t wait til my little girl is big enough to do a 5k. I’m too cheap to run them very often, but it will totally be worth it for me to do one with her some day! ❤️

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    1. Hey girl! So glad to hear from you as well! I am cheap about 5ks too, lol. I wish we had parkruns here! I was just looking into running some other 5ks but they were all like $50 plus–a little steep! That will be so fun for you and your daughter to do someday, will be such a great thing for you to share and so wonderful for you to pass on!

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  2. Seeing an email appear in my inbox with your name on it brought a big ol’ smile to this face!

    Sounds like a great time. Also, do I hear hints of detachment as a result of these spontaneous travel plans…?? 😉

    Welcome back!! You’ve been missed 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ <3. I've missed you like crazy!
      Leave it to you to point out the lesson–especially the one i am missing. I think you are right–I am totally detaching! Look at me!! OMG so proud. I actually think you should take a little credit for this as well, you have no idea how much our little chats help me! Thank you for always pointing these things out and making me think–pushing me to be better. xx

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    1. Why is that Lamar? I’m not attractive otherwise? I’m sorry your view of women is so limited that you would think that looking our best is what’s always most important to us to capture in a photograph. Looks can go any day–the joy I have in these memories is for keeps. Thanks for the comment though–always good to know where people are at!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry. I meant to say that I love the way your hair looks when it is out and doing it’s own thing. It’s got personality.

        I didn’t mean to imply that you are any less beautiful when it’s tied back.

        My apologies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry if i jumped on you Lamar. Thank you for explaining yourself. Just today a friend and i were discussing a photo of this amazing runner that was being scrutinized because people thought she didn’t look attractive in it. It pissed me off! We are women, not ornaments! We aren’t here for decoration–we’re here to run this shit!

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  3. Ah welcome back! What fabulous times and photos! Really hope you didn’t end up trying to track me in the Manchester marathon by the way as I didn’t do it – I got a terrible cold and wasn’t well enough. But I ran a marathon yesterday on local streets instead, now trying to work out whether to write a “race” report as I want to include stuff about the training for it.

    Hope things are less clunky now!

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    1. Hey Liz!! Thank you, it’s good to be back! I am so sorry you were not feeling well enough to race. ;(. Was just reading about your makeup race though and it seems like it was all kinds of wonderful. I am glad!
      So far, Monday has been pretty smooth. Crossing my fingers for the rest of the week. Hope you’re not too sore today!! x

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      1. Glad you got to see it – I’ve got a running book review coming today, too, so plenty for the runners! I am feeling just about OK – I have to remember a) I had three weeks with 2 runs in, not a taper I’d recommend b) I cleaned the house Friday, c) I was out of the house 9-6 on Saturday marshalling at the National Road Relays, standing and concentrating, running a crossing point. As well as running 26.3 on Sunday. So went for a brisk walk to and from a coffee yesterday, stretching and not running yet!

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  4. Loved reading about your trips! I think you and your hubby made the right choice to go to TX. It sounds like you had an amazing time.

    And, when I first started reading British running bloggers, I had no idea what a “kit” was. Didn’t know what “chuffed” meant either! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Laurie! Sounds like we both had nice weekend getaways. You are right, they are the best! I really want to start doing more of them centered around races/running, I think that would be a lot of fun!
      And yes, those UK Bloggers, they have their words/phrases don’t they? I love it. My hubs always teases me cause I tend to take on people’s accents when I am around them. He has a very thick NY accent (Queens specifically) and I now have a bit of one too although I’m from the midwest. Then when we travel, I totally start to take on not only the accent, but words and phrases. When I read UK bloggers I hear my voice, but with what I think is their accent, lol. I’m a nut. Love that the world is big though <3.

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  5. We learned a long time ago the “what are you waiting for”. Sometimes it is a risk and most times it is as you say. Well worth it. Kind of an analogy with the boy who ran his first 5K and said no until he realized…hell ya I am doing it again. With you it was gosh we should probably keep the money in savings and now look…. Whats next? Glad to see you are still just running because you love it. Kisses. Donna

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    1. So good to hear from you Donna–so so good. So funny, I have been loving running “for the love” but just this week–starting to feel something! IDK, Boston has been pretty inspiring all day–makes me wanna try something hard! x

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    1. Thanks so much Donna, we really did have a fantastic time. Now I’m wondering about you, since you travel so much–do you guys plan everything far in advance or are some of your trips more spontaneous? I would think it might be harder with the kiddos, but you seem to be able to fit in quite a bit of adventure!

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      1. Oh, I’m a planner by nature so everything is planned out pretty far in advance. Honestly, I used to be a bit more spontaneous with trips before my daughter came along but since she always goes with us, it’s made me become less and less spontaneous!

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  6. Love this! So happy you enjoyed Texas! My husband and I loveSan Antonio. I haven’t been to Austin since I was a teen. Lol. Even though we are only 3 hours away.
    Reading this is soo refreshing! Thanks girl!
    Hope you have a great week! (With less clunkiness! Such a great way to describe the week back after a vacation)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey girl!! I’ve missed you!! How are things? Gonna scooch over to your space and see how you’ve been. San Antonio was def cool. We didn’t really get to check it out as much as Austin–pretty much just saw the River Walk and stuff, but that was nice. Also the people were some of the nicest we have ever met. Especially those working at the venue where the tournament was at–they were so welcoming and hospitable, it was really nice.
      Where in Texas are you, Dallas? I should probably know that for sure but your state is enormous! We really loved Austin, just really had a great vibe. Also seemed like there was a TON of great food there–which of course we are big on.
      Glad you know what i mean about the clunkiness–I just had one of those weeks where I was like–hmm, nothing is really working the way I want it to! It’s been a good challenge for me I think to try to go with the flow–it’s easier than pushing so hard against it to make things go my way!
      Hope everything’s been going well with school and running–glad to be back in touch!

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  7. Fun read! Last year my wife and I made the same “investment” in going to Boston so I could run the marathon. The trip was expensive but great, with other side adventures that made it special. We think we made the right decision. I’m happy you did the same!

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    1. Ah! I love this. Especially love identifying these types of things as “investments”. I really believe that is what they are. I can honestly say that we look back at photos ALL the time of the places we’ve been and then sit and just reminisce through the richest and most meaningful memories. The trips we’ve taken and the experiences we have had on them keep giving back to us year after year.
      That’s so cool that you guys made a whole adventure out of Boston. I am not sure how many more marathons I want to run but I would love to create some trips around some halves in other places. I think that would be really fun. We have done a few running tours in Europe, those have been great as well. I love experiencing a new place through the lens of something we love and do regularly at home. We also do Bikram almost everywhere we travel–same kind of thing. Really cool. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  8. Welcome back, Cat! What a fine series of adventures you’ve had recently–your photos show your excitement and enthusiasm. Yeah!
    And a great truth – teller-we want more of this. Finding the balance between the scheduled and the spontaneous can be tricky. I find some of both is good.
    Glad you guys had such a good time.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thanks Steph, good to be back! I’ve missed you and all my other blogging buds. I was kind of proud of myself though for going with the flow and not getting stressed about keeping up with writing. It was a good break that put some things in perspective I think!
      I think you are def right–I could never just become some 24/7 spontaneous person–it’s just not who I am. There are benefits to both sides I think–as I feel like you and I have talked about many times. This was one of the BIGGEST spontaneous things we’ve ever done (our spontaneity usually gets released in much smaller bursts), so it was really a great experience to have–to see that things can work out and be fun–and that a quick decision does not necessarily equal a rash decision. It was all very good <3.

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  9. Love the Fab Five tee you’re wearing 😀 Although I didn’t watch any of it, been keeping up with it on SB Nation and sounds like it was great this year! Really pumped for NBA playoffs, so many potentially great story lines. I can’t believe Russ averaged a triple double for the second year in a row (think he’s the first to ever do it?) and its almost gone under the radar based on what Harden, LeBron, etc have done this year.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Isn’t it the best shirt? I actually bought it for my hubs but he let me wear it the first game. Then we hand washed it in the hotel sink and he wore it for the second one ;).
      I have been DEEP in hoops for like 6 weeks so this first week back my hubs and i have been watching a ton of baseball (and even a movie last night!) just to take a break. But i think I am officially ready for the playoffs–getting pumped as well!
      It’s funny you mention the thing about Russ. You and I share that he is one of our favorite players (he may be your #1 right?). On the other side of that–I CAN’T STAND James Harden. My hubs and I had an interesting discussion last night because he has asked me if I want Houston to take down Golden State. Of course in some ways I do, cause it just makes things so much more interesting and I like that it would basically make Golden State look ridiculous. Especially is Steph comes back–they should be able to beat anyone with their super team (I am a HUGE critic of Kevin Durant leaving OKC to go play with Goliath, in case you couldn’t tell). I also really like Chris Paul cause he is a pass first point guard and gritty as hell–it’s a bit of a dying breed in a league where 7 footers shoot 3’s and point guards lead their teams in scoring.
      And then there’s LeBron. He is my favorite so I will ALWAYS be rooting for him. I just don’t know if the young team he has–young not only in age and experience but in time playing together–can have it’s shit together enough to compete against who they will need to. We will see. I hope there are some fun games!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, Russ is my #1 guy! I wouldn’t say I’m particularly for or against James Harden, but he’s had a fantastic season. Guessing your reason for not being a fan is the frequency with which he gets calls/draws fouls or post-season uncertainty? Speaking of post season and MVP candidates, although I’m still relatively new to following the NBA, it seems strange to me that the MVP (which is a regular season award) is announced after the post-season. If the voting ends before the play-offs that would make sense, but if not, its hard to not let what happens post-season influence a vote.

        And I agree that it would be interesting and shake things up if Houston can knock GS out. Houston are a bit of an anomaly with CP and Harden as I don’t think there’s any other team who has two ball handlers/decision makers of that calibre. What LeBron has done has been incredible, but I think a championship is beyond him with this team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it to the East finals or maybe even the finals (Toronto has been great and everyone is saying this is their year but they’ve got to go and show it), but it’s tough to see the Cavs beating GC or Houston (assuming its one of those two).

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Who knows Ang, maybe you can! I think it’s our goal now to try to do that once a year, something that’s not planned way ahead of time, just something the universe guides us to do. We both agreed that escaping to someplace warm in the winter needs to become a thing, lol.
      And yes, ‘kit’, lol. I totally thought for weeks that you guys were running with special stuff that we didn’t have!

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