9 Things

We are headed out on holiday a week from today and my mind is in about a million places. Instead of trying to wrap my head around one topic and delivering something introspective and meaningful, I thought I’d shoot from the hip a bit and just share a few of the things that are sauntering around or running through my brain right now.

Before we leave I intend to complete and release the third step and installment of my BodyImageProject  , so please stay tuned for that!

But, right now:

  • Looking forward to spending three weeks traveling alone with my hubs. I think when we wander we get some of our best “get to know each other” time. Things don’t go as planned, we get lost–suddenly we learn to rely on each other in ways we didn’t necessarily have to before. Please everyone, cross your fingers for his sake and pray that I don’t drive him too far up the wall when we drive on the wrong side of the road for the first time in Ireland!
Us trying to be chic in Berlin ❤
  • Speaking of spending time with significant others… do people really make time apart or long distance relationships work? I am not at all ashamed to admit that I am very attached to my hubs. I like him around, that’s why I married him. I’ve been thinking about this lately because I’m considering doing a yoga teacher training that could take me away for up to a couple months. That much time apart realllly bums me out! I guess this is one of those “cross that bridge when we come to it” things isn’t it? Stay in the present woman, come on!
  • Ah, yes, yoga. I went to a new yoga studio this morning and it was quite enlightening. They did things a lot differently than I am used to and it made me realize that sometimes I’m being rigid when I think I’m being disciplined. The voice that popped up inside me was so irritable…“ugh, that’s not right, why are we doing that? These lights are weird. Wait, that’s not how that’s usually done.” Luckily about 10 minutes in I shut that shit down and went with the flow. It ended up being a great class. Different, and great. Discipline certainly serves me. Rigidity and an unwillingness to bend does not. (Oy–the irony of being rigid about yoga lol).
Yoga & Fitness Herald Square. Probably the most eclectic studio I’ve been to yet!


  • And more yoga. I cannot wait to visit different Bikram (or 26 &2) studios during our trip. Doing yoga, running, and checking out AA meetings in different countries are three of my favorite things to do when we travel. It’s like having a bit of home with you but in a new and exciting and eye opening way. I think so far my favorite Bikram studios have been in Amsterdam and Vienna. The classes we took there were bilingual. The teacher would instruct the first set in Dutch (in Amsterdam) and German (in Vienna), and then the second set in English. I love experiencing how big and how small the world can feel all at the same time. (PS–If you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands, brush up on another language before you go. Everyone speaks 3-4 minimum there. We felt a little ashamed that we didn’t!)
After a wonderfully sweaty class in Vienna.
  • Ooh yes, running…I ran another 5k in the park tonight with my hubs. Last time we “raced” it, and it kicked my ass. This time we set out to just have fun and get a good run in. It ended up being a blast. We talked the whole time, banged out some negative splits, and had plenty left in the tank to step on the gas and give it a good push at the end. And okay, I know it’s only 1/10 of a mile, but can you please look at that pace on the finish? I’ve never seen that number before on my watch–ever! We were flying!! Despite the slower overall pace I’ll take that finish and that run any day–it really felt great. I’ve been so competitive with myself lately, it was nice to just let that go and run for the joy of it. I realize that for me, running for the joy of it doesn’t mean not pushing myself–it just means not killing myself. I think I’m officially entering holiday mode: more indulging + moving for the sake of moving and feeling good and maintaining some fitness. Life’s too short to be “on” all the time, right?




  • And of course, another quick note on running…anyone else been repping the #sportsbrasquad in this heat? I’ve been all about running in just my sports bra outside for a while. Recently though I’ve taken to doing it even when I am inside at the gym on the treadmill. I just sweat SO much and it feels better to throw a dry-ish top on after my run than walking home in a soaked one. It’s interesting–when you run outside in a sports bra you’re never in one place long enough to see a reaction from anyone or care what they think. The tread at the gym is a different story! The look I am getting most often lately is from other women and it seems to say “I wish I had the guts to do that.” Crazily, most of the women I see with this look don’t have the guts or the GUT (lol) that I have. They are super thin and fit and have no reason to hide. (PS-I am NOT super thin and I don’t have any reason to hide either!)
It’s HOT. Take it off baby!
  • In non-fitness related news…I just had my first practice coaching session with my class partner (this amazing woman from my cohort that I’ve been paired up with) and it went realllly well. I have a long way to go because as I’ve been learning, becoming a life coach is NOT about giving people the answer, it’s about providing the tools for them to find the answer themselves. I’m such a “fixer”, so actually starting to coach and realize all of my tendencies and how I can start to shift them is insanely helpful. Things are happening!
  • And for a little fun…We just saw ‘Ocean’s 8′ and I was sad that it was not so great. (Hey, that rhymed! I’m keepin’ it!) The cast couldn’t have been better, but I thought the script was pretty weak. If it’s supposed to be a caper, I want to be guessing the whole movie. Please, surprise me! If I may suggest a film that will keep you on your toes from start to finish: ‘Miss Sloane’, with the incomparable (in my opinion) Jessica Chastain. It’s available on Amazon Prime right now–let me know what you think! Lastly…
  • Some of you may have noticed…I caved! I am back on social media. I still don’t have a personal FB account and plan on keeping it that way, but I have started up my Instagram again. In all honesty it’s just tough to do what I am trying to do without it. The ability to make both broad and more intimate connections is really hard to replicate elsewhere. That being said–I’d love love love for you to give me a follow if you are on there. I think while we are on our trip I’m gonna take a break from blogging so I can focus on enjoying life and staying in the moment. But I will be posting some shorter stories and tidbits on there cause staying connected with all you guys in my community is always a priority! Hope to hear from you there–and of course here always as well! x


Come on guys–what’s on YOUR mind right now. Give me some quick thoughts. Or comment on mine. You’ve got my ear…


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42 thoughts on “9 Things

  1. Hey! Speaking of 5k runs, have you checked out Park Runs? They are all over the world but super popular in the UK. My friends rave about them. They don’t cost anything, but are races. They are all over many different cities and towns, and I think they happen each weekend. BTW, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. No press to participate, but if you are interested, you can find it here: https://tararunstheworld.blog/2018/07/04/mystery-blogger-award/

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    1. Thanks for the award lady, that’s so nice!

      I definitely know about Parkruns! Unfortunately my planning is complete shit and we are either traveling to the next city or on day trips for every Saturday. Will definitely plan that out better the next time–sort of bummed. Had a great run in the park yesterday though in Edinburgh and a good one in London too so we are making do on our own ;). thanks! x

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      1. My friends were recently raving about them, but it sounds like you have it covered. We have something less formal in Sarajevo every Sunday.
        Enjoy your travels. Looks like you are having a great time.


  2. Hey Cat. Love that you and your hubs are so good together and hope you have a blast on your trip, both as a couple and individually. As a therapist so many of the couples I see are miserable, have nothing in common and do nothing to nurture the relationship. You and your hubs are beautiful together and that is rare. Yay for rocking your run and for taking a yoga class in a new studio. Its so true that we can get so itchy and judgy when trying something new, and then it turns out great! We humans are a fickle group. Have a blast on vacation. Do everything! Looking forward to vacation stories from abroad. (or when you get home).

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    1. I’m so thrilled to finally know your name Maggie <3. I don't always ask everyone cause I know some people prefer to blog semi-anonymously. But I feel like you and I have such personal and meaningful exchanges, it feels really nice to have a name to go with your face ;).
      I can't imagine everything you see as a therapist. Thank you for saying that about my hubs and I. I feel like we are really lucky and pretty well matched–but it marriage has also been a learning curve. I wouldn't call it "work" so much, but over the last few years I have realized that it does take some effort and a commitment to stretching ourselves sometimes. It always feels very worth it to me. I think if i ever felt like I was sacrificing a part of myself then I would have to rethink it, but–so far so good!

      Look forward to connecting with you when I return. Enjoy these next few weeks of summer Maggie! x


  3. Emily

    Girl YEAS to all of this! Have an amazing trip! I am convinced this is the summer I rock the sports bra and only the sports bra – so tired of worrying about it lol! As for the long distance relationship thing… I met my hubby when he was home on leave from Afghanistan. He had to return a few weeks later. We made it work, but it wouldn’t have lasted if he hadn’t come back to the state a few months later! So, I guess what I’m saying is yes, long distance works as long as there’s an end point in the plans 🙂

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    1. Hey Emily!! Girl, rock the sports bra for sure. I feel the same way about running that i do about the yoga room–people are self centered–they are thinking about and looking at themselves, not me! And, if they are looking at me–have at it! Who is to say i have something to be ashamed of? Imperfect yes, but why should perfection be the standard to bare any skin?!

      Also, thanks for your story about your hubs–encouraging and i think you’re right–if there is an end in sight, we can probably make it through. I’m just gonna miss the guy ;).
      Happy to have you here Emily, thanks!


  4. Have a wonderful trip, Cat–sounds fabulous. Amazing splits on your 5 K–fun!
    I doubt I’ll do the sports bra thing, but I’m definitely all about being comfortable when I do stuff. Interesting at the tri yesterday, folks just changing, adjusting doing what they needed to do for the next event. Functional comfort. yes, please.

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  5. “sometimes I’m being rigid when I think I’m being disciplined” — love this! I get so twitchy when someone grabs “my spot” in the yoga studio, I really can’t stand it. I think I’m going to make myself switch to different places. On yoga, watch my blog for news on being able to do a bit more every week now I’ve dialled the running down a bit …

    Re hubs time, i need my own space but we have different sleep schedules so that works OK – on holiday I will get up earlier than him and run or read or write my holiday diary. We’re spending more time together at the weekends as I’ve cut my work hours a bit, and that’s doing OK. Good stuff!

    Re running in just my bra – I’d feel super uncomfortable doing that around here. We have a lot of neighbours who cover up and while we’re a multicultural and accepting neighbourhood, throwing myself around the streets in my bra in front of a neighbour in a hijab feels a bit wrong for me (don’t get me wrong: I don’t wear a burka running outfit, but there’s a limit for me personally). I love that you do it though and hope the women in the gym celebrate and don’t knock you for it.

    Good luck with the preparations for your hols and I hope you have a super time!

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    1. Liz I am literally laughing out loud reading about you getting twitchy if someone takes your yoga spot. I see this all the time, lol. People literally don’t know what to do if someone is in “their” spot. Sometimes it drives me crazy but then I remember my first 6 months or so of practicing and realize I owe them some compassion. I used to do the same thing! One of the reasons I love yoga is cause in it I realize a lot of the ironies in my character defects. Like when I always wanted my same spot in class I thought about it and laughed–part of the point of me being there is being present and accepting where I’m at. Being rigid about where I place my mat–I was missing the point, lol! Def try to set up in different places, you’ll be out of the habit in no time!

      That’s very nice that you show that consideration to your neighbors. Obviously everyone has to go with what feels good and right for them!

      THanks for the well wishes–sorry we will miss you this time. Happy running and yogiing Liz <3.

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  6. 1 – I enjoy my husband’s presence a great deal. Sometimes just being in the same room doing our own thing on our laptops is just comforting.

    2 – While some of my DailyBurn workouts feature yoga elements it wasn’t until Thursday that I actually did a full yoga workout on there. It was a beginner one and I found it helpful to slow it down and learn some of the moves better. The only downfall I find to doing it that way vs an in person class is not having someone be able to correct me. It’s hard to watch the screen while I’m doing the move and though I know I should be listening to the verbal cues I’m more of a visual learner when it comes to activities. I’m fairly certain I don’t do a chaturanga correctly.

    3 – Way to rock only the sports bra on your run! I only wore one during Monday’s “hot run”. It’s odd, I never used to be self conscious of running in one but in recent years I have been. I think it’s more of a modesty thing than a body issue. I don’t want to be viewed as “showing off” or trying to seem “sexual” although covered in sweat and stinking after a workout certainly does not have sex appeal to me! It’s a shame but I also worry about drawing unwelcome attention by wearing one even though I’ve never experienced that.

    4 – I look forward to your posts after your trip; have a safe and fun time!

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    1. Yeah TN i am right there with you with the same rooms but doing our own thing thing–that’t my fav! Actually doing that as I speak! 😉 Something about being separate but together that I really love.

      I am very impressed with people who have the patience and consistency to do yoga on their own. If i am traveling and can’t get to a class then I can definitely do some things on my own to stretch out, but I am pretty big on the guidance of the teacher. I think there’s a mental state–not just the physical one–that I find really difficult to get into on my own.

      As far as the sports bra thing goes– I was nodding my head the entire time i read your comment. It’s really something I want to delve into more in general and something I haven’t quite figured out yet–the sexualization of our bodies and what is healthy and being confident and what is self objectification. I haven’t written about it yet cause I don’t know exactly where i stand, and i also have trouble not coming off as judgmental when I start. Instagram is BIG on people posting these pics of their bodies and I just have such mixed feelings about all of it! Something I really want to explore more though cause i think it’s important and ties to a larger issue of how our bodies have generally been objectified and sexualized without choice, and it’s structured how we act and present ourselves in the world. Really interesting stuff. Thanks for such a thought provoking comment (as always!). Enjoy these next few weeks of summer, can’t wait to connect with you when I get back! x

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  7. Great splits on the 5K! Keep on getting ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’! I gave you a follow on Instagram, its one of a few social platforms I’m on that didn’t have the Facebook effect on me (e.g. scrolling mindlessly). Looking forward to seeing some snaps of the Ireland trip!

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    1. Thanks Paul! Yeah, working on those splits felt better for me than going out fast and trying to hang on so I think that it what I will be trying to aim for now!
      So happy to connect with you on IG and look forward to sharing our trip! And yes, I have to agree, something less icky and depressing about IG compared to facebook, not quite sure what it is!!

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  8. I love reading your blog and learning about what you are up to. I never even considered trying yoga classes in a place that I do not know… what a brilliant idea! When we go to the U.K. in September, I am going to give that a try if I can. You are inspiring me to go out and do some running again, especially because I gained 3 pounds on my vacation (lol). It will come right off as soon as my healthier habits are returned. I had a little more ice cream than was strictly required to celebrate my birthday month (and no regrets). Cheers to you. I can’t wait to read more about your Body Image Project. Awesome.

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    1. Aww, ditto girl, thank you! I’ve got your post bookmarked to get to later today–I see you have just returned from holiday as I am about to take off! I hope it was restful and relaxing and also fun and exhilarating!
      I will be excited to hear if you make it to a yoga studio when you head to the UK. I really think that one of the ways I open my eyes the most when I travel is actually doing some of the things I love in that different place. I think it’s obvious to all of us to do DIFFERENT things when we travel, but it can also be really interesting to experience a different perspective on things we are sure we know. So when I run or do yoga or go to AA in a different place there is this familiarity of home but there is also this stretch that occurs in me that I think is really good for my outlook and understanding of the world.

      And 3 pounds?! Not bad at all lady! That’ll be off in no time i am sure. I don’t weigh myself but i reckon I gain 5-10 on most holidays! My stomach has been a little finicky lately so I am thinking while I’ll definitely indulge, i don’t want to go too crazy cause I want to feel good as we travel! Hopefully that and the occasional run and yoga class will keep things well enough in line to get back to it when I come back ;). Look forward to connecting with you then! Or are you on IG? Would love to connect with you on there as well! Take care lady! x

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  9. Everyone is different of course, but I LOVE my alone time and now that I’m retired I’m able to indulge more often. I get the feeling hubby likes his alone time too as he always encourages me to go do what I want to do. Hmmmm…… LOL!

    Nice negative splits! I always loved when I could do that. I couldn’t do it very often though!

    Enjoy your trip, I look forward to seeing at least a little bit about it when you get back!

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    1. Hey Dawn! So nice to hear from you! I agree, I love my alone time as well. I guess to me alone time is different than time away away from each other. My hubs and I often do different things socially–we both always try to make sure that each one gets a bit of time alone in the house each week. We’re also often home together but spend hours in different rooms doing our own thing. I guess there is a kind of separate togetherness that I’ve grown to love and depend on but for me that feels different than being in different cities or countries for months at a time. But you’re right, every couple has what works for them. I think that’s part of why I asked the question–I think it’s interesting how different relationships work for other people!

      And yes, thanks on the negative splits! I realized after the last 5k that going for those felt better to me and more natural than going out fast and trying to hang on. I am just not good at running that way!

      And thanks for the well wishes on the trip–looking forward to reconnecting when I get back! Enjoy your trips as well–you seem to always be moving around quite a bit and seeing various gorgeous parts of our country. Enjoy the summer! x


  10. So many thoughts! First, I feel the same way about my husband and I always feel tremendously guilty when I have to travel for work. I try not to be gone more than two weeks. I honestly don’t think we would have a deal if I went away somewhere for a month or two, though I know a lot of couples who routinely make that work (I’m in academia and that happens a lot).

    Yes to visiting new yoga studios! I used to be way judgmental about other studios or teachers before I started yoga teacher training! My yoga trainer was so good about getting us out of our comfort zones and routines.

    Thank you for mentioning #sportsbrasquad! I hadn’t heard of it. A couple of years ago when I was training in the hot and humid Minnesota summer for a marathon I very nearly ditched the shirt! But my poor body image always stopped me. I have a couple of workout tops that I’ve been meaning to wear this year, but always “later” — when I lose five pounds, when my abs get toned, etc. Now you’ve inspired me to just say f*** it and just do it!

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    1. Hey Rachael! Yeah my hubs is very supportive of me going to do a teacher training–he’s actually more the one that’s like, “don’t worry, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” But I just know it would be hard for both of us. Doable, but hard!
      What yoga teacher training did you do? I am glad I am not the only one who has had the judgmental problem or been hesitant to go to other studios. It’s definitely hard, we work so hard to change but then as we do, we naturally find routines and comfort zones all over again that are so difficult to budge from!

      I definitely say FUCK it and just do it with the crop tops and sports bras! I think the cultural change starts with us as individuals, we need to each lead the way ourselves. Somewhere along the way, we all learned to put our flesh away, unless it looked one certain away–unless there was an exact appropriate amount of it. It’s bullshit, and i think we need to retake ownership of our bodies and the relationship that not only we have with them but that society has with them as well. So remember, when you’re getting out there in the heat rightfully taking off that shirt and rocking a more comfortable outfit to run in–you’re not only doing it for yourself–you’re inspiring some other woman you might see out there who will start to change the culture right along with you!


  11. Have a great time on your travels! Sounds like it will be SO much fun!

    It’s hard to be away from significant others, but I think it’s different when you know the separation is only temporary and have a timeline for it, as opposed to something open-ended. Also it helps when you are already in a longstanding relationship – more trust built up. In fact it helps even more when you’re legally bound to each other! Two months would be hard but I bet it would go by quicker than you think.

    We often run our best when we aren’t putting expectations or pressure on ourselves. There’s something to be said about the feeling of not having anything to lose.

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    1. Thanks Hanna! I think you’re right about knowing the separation is temporary. And really, it’s just another adventure–one I think we are both willing to take. I’m just a bit of a softy when it comes to him–I’ll miss the guy so much! But you’re right, it probably will go by quickly an in the end, what is 2 months in a whole lifetime, right?
      I think I am going to try to run without expectations more often. It feels good! Doesn’t mean I don’t push, just means I’m not killing myself as I hold on to an outcome. Sounds good to me! Thanks Hanna!


  12. I brought my daughter to the pool yesterday, did a few lengths but then had so much fun just splashing around , doing bad back stroke, diving under… not blasting up and down like I usually don. So much FUN. Cannot wait to see you. S xx

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    1. After the run yesterday my hubs and i were walking home and we saw some kids running and playing tag and we both started to reminisce about summer days when we were kids. Ah man–for the sun to go down so late and to be running around, catching lightening bugs, riding bikes. It was just the best. PLAYING is the best. Glad you let yourself play in the pool <3.

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  13. Good for you, a run for fun! Pictures look good, you and the hubs! Saw your mom on your face in the last one,cool! Enjoy your break from the routine. I too learn insightful lessons off the beaten track! Namaste!☮

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    1. Yes, finally a run for fun right! It was really great Pat, thank you!
      And aww, that makes my heart feel happy you saw my mom in my face. I see that a lot too–and also my siblings. I see my older brother in my face all the time, it’s crazy!
      Thanks Pat! x


  14. Wow congrats on that last running number! You were flying!!!!
    I’m also super impressed you’ve been going in just a sports bra! I’ve never managed to do that and in fact tonight I spent my entire 5km run wondering if my shorts and tank were too firm fitting? What an awesome way to ruin a beautiful 5km! I need to learn to turn off the inside voice when it’s being mean!

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    1. Thanks AJ! I was seriously so excited when I saw that 5–I’ve never seen that before, LOL. It felt really good to give it all I had!
      You should try the sports bra run sometime–seriously! It’s so freeing! Get out there and feel the freedom and when you hear that shitty voice–tell it to shut the fuck up! Then, run like the wind <3.

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