Letting Loose

It can be hard to know how other people see you. I have a friend who has always said, “what people think of me is none of my business.” As a general rule, that’s how I try to see it as well. Otherwise, it’s way too easy to get caught up in other people’s expectations and lose sight of who exactly I want to be for myself. That being said, it can be interesting and useful to know and understand the vibe you are putting out in the world. I tend to think of myself as a pretty serious person. By serious I do not suggest a lack of humor, rather that I am someone who tries to be both self-aware and conscious of the world.

My typical work day is from about 9am-7pm (unfortunately sometimes even a bit later lately). Between those hours, I usually listen to the BBC Newshour from 9-10, and then my local public radio station (WNYC) for the rest of the day. This means for ten hours straight, I am listening to people report and discuss what’s happening around the world. Starting last week though, something happened. I listened to two of my favorite public radio host’s shows, and then at 2pm, I switched over to Spotify and finished out the day to the 90’s Babymaker’s Playlist. I guess I just couldn’t take it anymore. For eleven months out of this year, I’ve taken in all of the garbage. I’ve sat in distress to make sure I comprehend every detail–to understand each and every particular effort to dismantle our democracy, divide our country, and destroy our reputation around the world.

I don’t know if it was the turn into the holiday season or what, but last week, I reached my fill. I’m still paying attention to what’s going on–I always will. But for my sanity, I’ve decided I’ve got to end the year on a warmer, lighter note. I have no idea what the last few weeks of this blog are going to look like. I’m not promising I won’t revert to my usual self and touch on some more sobering topics (pun intended), but I also want to let loose and have some fun.

So, in that spirit, and in the interest of sharing a bit about myself in a sort of bloggerific way that I normally wouldn’t, I’ve answered some ‘get to know me’ questions below. I have to admit, it was fun working in such a short form. Maybe I need to channel my inner Buzzfeed and do more “list” posts. That’s what everyone wants these days right? Or perhaps all we have the attention span for. Alright, no more commentary. Please enjoy. And if you’re so inclined, grab one of the questions and answer it for yourself in the comments–I’d love to know a little more about you as well!


Cat H. Bradley. The ‘H’ is my legal middle name. It stands for Henderson, which is my maiden name.

 Where are you from?

Ann Arbor, Michigan. Go Blue baby. 

Where do you live now?

Brooklyn, NY. On January 4, 2010 I landed at LaGuardia airport blasting ‘Empire State of Mind’ in my ear buds. I’ve never looked back.

 What is your favorite beverage?

Reallllly cold seltzer. Or Kombucha. 

Favorite comida?

Steak frites. (Steak + fries for the culinarily challenged.) And tacos. And fried chicken. Oh and biscuits. Also, soup dumplings. OMG. All of it. I LOVE food. Best thing in the world.

It’s your birthday, what do you want for dessert?

1. Donuts 2. Cookies. I’m kind of a donut connoisseur. My hubs and I do research and seek them out anywhere we travel in the U.S. We look for donuts and fried chicken. Ooh, that reminds me, if you’re ever in Philly, go here for both. My favorite cookie is peanut butter chocolate chip, although not enough people make them and a good one is hard to find. Usually they are not peanut-buttery enough!

Favorite city in the U.S.? (Besides NYC)

Chi-town. Went to school in Chicago and lived there for a bit after. I try to go back once a year to eat amazing food and retell my hubs all the same stories from my glory days. 

U.S. city you’re anxious to get to but haven’t yet?

Seattle. We were planning a trip last year but wound up in Portugal instead.

Favorite city abroad?

Berlin. By a mile. Would love to live there for a year or two.

Travel Dreams?

We love Europe so much and have been traveling there the past 3 years (and probably will in 2018 as well), but would love to expand our horizons to other continents. Anxious to see several different countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Going to Blockbuster video on Friday nights, picking out movies, and watching them at home with my fam. When we went with my Dad, each of my siblings and I got to pick out our own movie! 

Dogs or Cats?

I LOVE dogs. I can’t stand cats. You never know what they are thinking. People with simple senses of humor often think it’s funny that I don’t like cats (cause of my name.)

First pet?

A Newfoundland named Dynamite.

Any phobias?

I’m afraid of heights and flying, but I live on the 20th floor and I travel as much as I possibly can. I’m also terrified of rodents, but I live in New York City. I guess you could say I believe in exposure therapy. (FYI, if you are afraid of rodents, still come to NYC–it’s really not worse than any other city!)

Favorite color?

That really ugly yellowish green color. You might call it chartreuse. 

Do you have a nickname?

Kitty Cat. KitCat. Bo. Bo Jengles (only my big bro calls me the last two.)

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Three way tie: Getting sober, quitting smoking, and running a marathon. 

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Pralines n’ Cream. Kids used to make fun of me for it when I was little. They said that was old people’s ice cream. They weren’t wrong. Still my fav.

Favorite subject in high school? College?

History. Shakespeare. I took every Shakespeare class my University offered. 

What was your first job?

I got a special permit to work 6 hours a week at a Crown House of Gifts. It’s like a Hallmark store where they sell cards and gifts. I don’t think I’ve gone longer than a month or two without a job since I was 13.

What do you do now?

I’m a production accountant for TV and Film. Currently paying the bills for the Showtime drama ‘Billions’.

Dream Job?


Last really good movie you saw?

Miss Sloane. Underrated. Check it out.

Movies you’re most excited about seeing?

The Post (Spielberg, w/Hanks and Streep). Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I’m not even that into Star Wars, but we are seeing it on Christmas Eve so I always look forward to that (Henderson fam tradition).

What are your hobbies/fav things to do?

Running, lifting, bikram yoga. I also love to eat and lie on the sofa with my husband and watch movies, shows, and hoops. Go Knicks.

Favorite store?

Whole Foods. It’s the only shopping I enjoy.

One thing you couldn’t live without?

I could live without a lot of things. Couldn’t live without my hubs.

Any unique talents?

I’m really good at killing flies. People think I’m joking or being silly. But then when the seasons change and those buggers come around indoors, they’re glad to have me around. Quick like a Cat, remember? Sorry if this ‘bugs’ the animal lovers.

Most exciting person you’ve ever met?

Barack Obama.

Person you’d like to meet?


Dead person you’d like to be alive so you can meet them?

James Baldwin. Also wouldn’t mind having a chat with the Founding Fathers. 

What is something you wish you were better at?

Letting go of expectations I have for people.

What is something you like about yourself?

I always want to do hard things, and I really believe I can do them.

What is something you dislike about yourself?

I always want to do hard things, and I really believe I can do them. 

Favorite Christmas carol?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Johnny Mathis sings my fav version).

Favorite quote?

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard, is what makes it great.” -Jimmy Dugan (A League of their Own)

“Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” -James Baldwin


Who else needs a break from all of life’s seriousness? Tell me about it!